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Legolas to my Gimli |

nightcall | a cyberpunk / 80’s winter soldier fanmix | listen

Q: Did you have any rituals while putting on the costume, that helped you get into character? Sebastian Stan: “I played a lot of sound tracks from different movies. Also Daft Punk was huge for me and David Bowie and The Terminator soundtrack, believe it or not. I love music. You know, I’ve always wanted to do an ’80’s movie! I love that music!” (x)

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Fluorescent Adolescent
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: Unplugged
Playcount: 116,129 plays

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent (Acoustic)

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What is wrong with you people?! Huh?! I thought you were supposed to be friends? I thought you were supposed to love each other? Your love is weird and toxic and it destroys everything it touches!

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pushing daisies meme four colors [4/4]
» black & white

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What the hell is going on?
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